Thursday, April 4, 2013


This dream is almost a continuation of the previous dream about anorexia. Anastasia once again sees Ana and Mia. They greet her like a sister and usher her into a large banquet hall. It is a party scene and a banquet is laid out in the fashion of The Last Supper by DaVinci. Models are gathereed around the table where a sort of feast has been laid out. However, there is no real food at the feast. The center plate has an apple cut into perhaps a thousand pieces. There are a couple of bottles of Evian and the rest of the feast consists of a large variety of pills in a serving dish and cut lines of cocaine. The models are waiting for the Jesus figure who has not yet arrived. They are smoking and waiting in languid poses. One of them duscreetky vomits into a bucket beside the table. Anastasia watches all this Jesus finally shows up. It is Ivana. Her autopsy scars are still visible. At first, Ivana doesn't notice Anastasia as she greets all the other guests, but after she sits down, she leaves the seat beside her vacant and beckons to Anastasia to sit down. At first, Anastasia is afraid but she looks carefully at Ivana and she sees that Ivana's face has a soft demeanor and she finds herself drawn to her. Slowly, she makes her way over and takes the seat. After she sits down, she looks at Ivana for a few seconds without moving. Unlike the previous times she has looked at her, she does not look away. As she looks at Ivana directly, her fear begins to dissipate and her expression softens. Finally, Ivana puts her hand on Anastasia's face. Anastasia closes her eyes and allows herself to drift. She sees Ivana smiling and alive and remembers some of the great moments between them as friends. They laugh and finally hug each other tenderly. When she opens her eyes, everyone is gone and only the empty table is left. The table now is covered by a huge feast and everyone begins to eat.

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